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4" Super Stainless 3 Phase

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Submersible Motors 

Quality in the Well 

These 4" encapsulated three phase motors, manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities, are built for dependable operation in 4" diameter or larger water wells. The motor offers you a maintenance free long life submersible pump application. The motor is filled with a special FES93 fluid, providing frost protection down to -40ºC storage temperature. A special diaphragm ensures pressure compensation inside the motor.

Additional Info

  • Advantages:


    • Hermetically sealed stator. anti track, self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out

    • High efficiency electrical design (low operation cost, cooler winding temperature)

    • Removable “Water Bloc™” lead connector

    • Cable material according to drinking water regulations (VDE / ACS / KTW approved)

    • Water lubricated radial and thrust bearings

    • All motors prefilled and 100% tested. Non contaminating, FES93- filled design

  • Technical specifications:


    Standard Motor

    • 0,37 - 7,5kW

    • 4" NEMA flange • Degree of protection: IP68

    • Insulation: Cl. B

    • Rated ambient temp.: 30°C

    • Cooling flow: min. 8cm/s

    • Starts/h: 20

    • Mounting: vertical/horizontal

    • Standard Voltage: 380-415V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz

    • Voltage tolerance 50Hz: -10% / +6% UN [380-415V = (380-10%) – (415+6%)]

    • Voltage tolerance 60Hz: ±10%UN

    • Motor protection: Select thermal overloads accor-ding to EN 60947-4-1,Trip time <10 s at 5 x IN

  • Options:


    • Motor cable VDE / ACS / KTW approved (1,5m; 2,5m; special lengths available)

    • Motors with factory- installed lead in Single Pa-cking

    • Special voltages on request

    • YΔ - start (pos. of cables 90°) in motors 316SS on request

    • Motor complete in AISI 316SS with SiC seal