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4" Encapsulated Motor Set (single phase)

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PSC Motor Set Description

The PSC Motor

Franklin Electric 4" encapsulated submersible motors, built in ISO 9001/14001 certified facilities for outstanding performance in 4" or larger water wells. The single phase PSC motor has been electrically optimized to offer reliable pump starting over a wide range of incoming voltages. It should ideally be combined to the Franklin Electric SubStart/SubTronicSC control boxes for maximum system performance, protection and warranty.

Additional Info

  • Advantages:


    • Hermetically sealed stator. Anti track, self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out, mechanically supports the winding and provides fast heat dissipation.

    • High efficiency electrical design (low operation cost, cool running winding)

    • Removable water bloc lead connector

    • No-wear, water lubricated radial and thrust bearings for 100% maintenance free operation

    • Non-contaminating FES 93 filling liquid

    • Various agency approvals for use in drinking water

  • Technical specifications:


    • PSC motor range: 0,25 – 2,2kW

    • 4" NEMA flange

    • Rotation: CCW facing shaft end (CW upon request)

    • Degree of protection: IP68

    • Insulation: Cl.B

    • Rated ambient temperature: 30°C

    • Required cooling flow: min. 0,08m/s

    • Max. starts/hr.: 20, equally distributed

    • Mounting: vertical to horizontal, shaft upwards

    • Voltage tolerance 50Hz from nominal: -10% / +6%

    • Protection requirements: EN 61947-4-1

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